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Motor collar

Prototype of collar that opens and shuts by motor drive. When the motor of 4mm downs the rotation in the gear, the torque of 0,8Kg is obtained. The collar moves by the balance of the power the pull of rotating magic fastener and magnet.
It thinks collar is opened and shut detecting the brain wave as underwear of the space suit.

モータードライブで開閉する衿の試作品。直径4mmのモーターはギアダウンすると0,8Kgのトルクを得られます。回転するマジックファスナーとマグネットのバランスで衿を移動させることができました。しかしまだ動作が不完全なので 改良が必要です。

Neck hands warmer

Protection against the cold fashion that muffler integrates with sleeve.
The carbon film for the floor heating is made to generate heat by the battery of
6V to warm the neck and the wrist.

Balloon skirt

Making of balloon skirt for transformation that swelled in air for trial purposes. It sticks fast with the magnet when holding to the air intake of the skirt where the battery and the fan exist in the pochette at hand, and the skirt swells at 20 seconds.

Cool jacket

It is four cooling jacket of the sleeve. As for two of four, the air cooling fan is installed. I want a hot going out at the summer time to try to the businessman who should make to the long sleeve to avoid harmful ultraviolet rays or should put on the uniform by all means.

Security jacket

It is a jacket that applied a micro car navigation system to the sleeve. The map sees, and searches for the restaurant in the town. The escape is guided in the emergency, and it becomes a lighting in darkness.

Heater lobe

In the start of work in the room where heating has not worked enough during winter yet on a cold morning, it is unbearably cold. This resolves an electric blanket and is what in the dressing gown composes again. To defend bodying from the influence of the electromagnetic radiation, the wiring between the heart and the groin is avoided.
電磁波から体を守るために心臓と股間は配線を避けてあります、表地はダブルフリースを 使っています。

Solar jacket

This jacket is a jacket for the enthusiast. Electricity is generated with the flexible solar film of the back when taking a drive by the convertible, and the small size fan that is behind the collar is spent.


Cool helmet

Helmet for construction with air cooling fan. The temperature of the helmet is 45℃-degree under
the hot weather of summer. It is recorded as 72℃ degrees.
The necessity of the helmet that can do the cooling on the labor safety the number of navvies
who fall in Heat Disorder having increased every year has risen.


Headgear for senior citizen who began to come to have poor hearing.
External outside pinna put on ear to hear it even by the same volume when it enjoys
television with family.
Made of oxhide

CD bag

It is a bag with built-in CD player. The CD disk is seen to turn round and round.
It is what selected by the design competition of YKK.
The code doesn't get twisted because it can draw out year phone from the shoulder of the belt.

Solar bag

This is a bag equipped with the EL lighting. Looking for has a hard time during darkness. Daytime generates electricity with the solar battery installed outside of the bag, and uses what saved in a rechargeable battery at nighttime.

Shopping bag

It has the knit string in the transparent fiber used for the fishing net and the obtained shopping bag. It lights at nighttime, it is bright, and surprised.


Audio bag

This is a bag that facilitates listening to the music of MP3 while moving.
When the fastener in the part of side is opened, it is storage of year
The EL lighting lights outside of the bag, and it informs of existence as a
lighting at nighttime.