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Cooling AROHA2

ストックホルムのLiljevalchs art institution美術館で
Utopian Bodies展で

 At Liljevalchs art institution art museum in Stockholm.

From September 23, 2015 to February 7, 2016.

By Utopian Bodies exhibition.

It's going to be exhibited.


Hamburger Bag

I made a bag like the form of a hamburger.
If a fastener is opened, the lighting in a bag will light up.
The side belt made with rubber is for making a hand easy to hold. 


Cooling AROHA shirt

In Arizona, it was 51 ℃ recently last week.
Two ventilation fans are built into this aloha shirt.
The collar is greatly opened, in order that air may fall out.


Senzapericolo 2013-5

The jacket with GPS for escaping from a building at the time of a massive earthquake disaster, and going home.
It will be exhibited from May, 2013 to September in the triennial art museum in Milan.